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2 reference sources

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The activity asked that we select a company that is not based in the United States. And answer how we would prepare your entry strategy into the US market if you were that company.
I already wrote the Discussion Post (attached). Now I need to respond to a post made by a colleague (Neema Nyanda).
There’s an example attached to help you understand what I need. *** The text must be in response format. That is, mentioning the text written by the other person and complementing it with additional information and points of view. ***
01) Readings: – TEXTBOOK ATTACHED – International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace Chapter 15: Entering Developed and Emerging Markets Chapter 18: Global Marketing and Business Analytics 02) Videos: The Strategy of International Business (With Real World Examples) >> Let’s rethink emerging markets >> 03) Website: globalEDGE. By Country >>
One whole page – 2 or 3 paragraphs
2 reference sources

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