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Answer each question briefly but completely.

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This is an activity that solidifies difficult concepts from this unit. Answer each question briefly but completely. If sources are used, they must be cited.
If you were consulting with a business that wanted to build a video game for the iPhone, which development methodology would you recommend and why?
What is a prototype and why would a new game benefit from building one?
What role does project management play in the systems development effort?
Chapter: 9
Unit Preview
Most people buy homes that are already built. After they occupy the home, they have to change it to meet their needs and likes. But if you build your own home you want to do it correctly. So, we contract with a homebuilder but tell them what the end result should be like. We get involved in the design and choices that are made as the project is completed. That’s the only way to get a home that is exactly what we need and want.
This week provides us an overview of how companies build information systems. Understanding the organization’s core operations and processes are necessary so that we can build an MIS system that will meet the needs and purposes of the organization. It is best practice to have end-users involved in the design and development of MIS systems. Although the developers are the experts in building systems, it’s the users who can provide the requirements for an effective and useful system. Using the proven methodologies in the development processes adds to the assurance of a quality system when all is said and done. It takes a lot of moving parts to make this happen. We first focus on the SDLC, which is the industry gold standard for development. You must not neglect to keep in mind that these systems must last into the future and that the designs and potential needs should be identified and incorporated in these new systems.

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