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Are there any limitations to your style?

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The purpose of this assignment is to encourage you to delve deeper into your insight and reflect on the topics discussed in class. Step 1: Summarize your understanding of different personality types based on the PowerPoint.
Step 2: Predict which style is consistent with your own personality and explain why.
Step 3: Complete the measure below by clicking on the link and take a screen shot of the results. Submit the results as a part of the assignment.
4: Comment on your personality type based on the results of the test. Was your prediction consistent with the results?
What have you seen as the benefits of having your particular style of approaching the world? Are there any limitations to your style? If yes list them and state how you could be more flexible your approach.
Specify what types of jobs would suit your personality style.
The assignment should be 2-5 pages in length and double spaced.

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