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Assignment Content
The purpose of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to pursue a deep dive into an area of your choice and to professionally advance yourself by writing a paper suitable for a conference presentation.
Please write a paper that gives an argument in an area of your choice and is the sort of paper one would submit to a conference. Be sure your paper makes use of the concepts we have talked about this semester in some capacity.
Keep the following characteristics of a strong paper in mind:
A clear introductory paragraph that includes a thesis statement and is specific about the structure of the paper.
The paper is argument-driven. You should be either presenting your argument in support of the thesis, considering a potential objection to your argument, or responding to an objection. Clarification remarks, reviews of literature, and summary are useful insofar as they contribute to the argument of the paper.
The paper should be in the style of the disciplines of philosophy, history, higher education studies, or social sciences. These are distinct scholarly traditions with their own practices; model your paper on the very best articles from those areas.
You have a wide range of potential topics to write on. To help you think through it, consider some of the following questions that might stimulate your thinking:
What values are reflected in the contemporary practice of higher education and what values do you think should be present?
What are some of the important moments in the development of Christian colleges?
What are the causes and the effects associated with those moments?
How is our understanding of future challenges in higher education informed and/or hindered by the historical context that we have studied?
Make sure your thesis is “controversial”…that is, make sure that it is something that people can disagree about. You don’t want to ask a question that can be answered with a simple Google search.
Be sure to incorporate any feedback from your instructor given on your abstract and annotated bibliography.
Your paper should be at least 3,000 words and written in formal, research style in APA format. You do not need to include a title page or table of contents, but you do need an abstract and reference page. Please submit it as a Word document.
This assignment utilizes the SafeAssign originality tool. Upon submission, SafeAssign will generate an originality report that detects plagiarism. This report will be sent to your instructor.
The following assignments are all connected and relate to your final paper:
Begin Final Paper Research in Module/Week 4
Final Paper Abstract and Annotated Bibliography in Module/Week 6
Final Paper in Module/Week 7
Final Paper Presentation Forum in Module/Week 8

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