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Assignment Details Locate a piece of visual or digital rhetoric. This could be an advertisement (print or video), a famous photo or painting, a poster, or even a graphic novel. Your choice must use rhetoric (visual, possibly with some text) in an interesting and persuasive manner. The piece that you chose should be fairly sophisticated. You don’t want to analyze the obvious. Your analysis needs to help the reader understand how the text/image works to persuade its intended audience.
1. Choose a piece to analyze on your own from a simple Google search. I suggest using a simple, direct search phrase, such as “Great print ads to analyze.”
2. Once you have chosen a visual claim, please submit the URL to the “Visual/Digital Rhetoric Topic Proposal:Visual Choice Assignment” which is next assignment in this module. 2. Now, you need to start analyzing the visual/digital claim that you have chosen. One good place to start is answering the questions in the Tips For Analysis section of this module. You do not turn in these answers; answering the questions will help you draft your essay. 3. Come up with a thesis or claim about the piece you will be analyzing. Objectives
1. Think deep. Go beyond the obvious. Have fun.
2. Make a strong claim about the piece and utilize good support.
3. Present a context for the piece of rhetoric.
5. Expand/challenge/transform the audience’s understanding of the image.
You initially might want to ask:
How does the piece’s creators target an audience, respond to an audience, and/or construct an audience?
How does the visual’s style and delivery make meaning?
Why is the visual arranged as it is?
How are logic and emotion deployed to persuade?
How does ethos function in the visual?
How do social, historical, and/or metaphysical contexts inform the text’s meaning?
Where (and when) did the visual appear, and how is this significant?
Does the visual make interesting references, suggestions, or connotations?
What is the key purpose of the visual?
What sort of world does the visual desire?
Stylistic/Grammatical Focus
For this essay, our focus will be on the following :
Focused and analytical thesis statements and topic sentences
Strong analytical verbs and description
Effective, smooth transitions
Proper paragraph and essay structure.
Thoroughly revised and edited final draft resulting in college-level work.

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