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General Guidelines:
1. 4.5-5 pages in length
2. 12-point Times New Roman or Arial font, doubled spaced
3. 1-inch margins on all sides
4. Include title
5. Every paragraph should be 6-8 sentences in length
6. Use MLA format for your paper. IF you’re confused, please visit:
LE #1 Guidelines:
1. Introduction: Summarize the story “To Negro Writers” (introductory paragraph; make thesis last sentence)
2. Paragraph 2: Use inductive or deductive reasoning OR Toulmin logic to support your thesis
3. Paragraphs 3 & 4: Introduce your theory and why you chose this theory (Marxism or Critical Race Theory)
Here is the breakdown:
A. Paragraph 3: Introduce theory and why you chose theory
B. Paragraph 4: Discuss how Marxism or Critical Race Theory is highlighted in the text. (**NOTE: NO, this will not be obvious BUT this is where you’re strongly encouraged to use your critical and analytical thinking skills. HINT: Refer back to areas that stood out to you OR areas that you questioned in the text.)
4. Paragraph 5 & 6: Personal Connection to story/theory
Here is the breakdown:
A. Paragraph 5: Discuss ways in which you feel personally connected to the story OR ways in which you do NOT feel personally connected
B. Paragraph 6: Discuss ways in which you feel personally connected to the theory
C. You might want to consider the connection between the story, the theory and YOU (your story)
5. Paragraph 7: Conclusion

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