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Choose an image with enough “meat on the bone.”

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Analyzing Images,
4-5 pages in APA style
Printed Rough Draft due in class for peer editing on 10/12
In this essay, you will choose an image to analyze rhetorically. This image can be an advertisement, photograph, a painting, a flyer, or other visual text. You need to explore (and explain) the significance or message of your image and how it conveys this meaning through three specific criteria. Choose an image with enough “meat on the bone.” Trying to analyze an abstract, minimalist artwork is going to be far more difficult to discuss than a print ad in a magazine. If you don’t feel there is enough for you to write about (or if there aren’t more than one visual components involved), find a new image!
In creating this essay, you will want to make sure to:
– Describe in detail how your image uses visual elements (fonts, colors, framing, etc.) and argumentative strategies (pathos, logos, ethos)
– Choose elements you believe are vital to your “reading” or interpretation of the image – what does it mean to you?
– Support your argument with concrete details from the image, explaining them to specifically point out features of the text that are vital to your interpretation.
– Properly cite your image, and include it in your document (you can either scan it, in the case of a printed piece, or include a digital file in the text).
Questions to help you plan/think about your draft:
– Who is the audience for the image?
– What does the image mean to me?
– What does my audience need to know about the context of the image, or other images it refers to or relies on?
– What are some visual elements used in it?
A Possible Organization:
Abstract- paragraph that summarizes your essay
Intro -Detailed escription of the image and meaning
Thesis –criteria – choose which criteria you are using to base your claim about the rhetorical strategies
e.g. – “The photoshopped romance novel cover uses color, facial expressions/body language, and text to make a statement about changing gender roles in society today.”
Body Paragraph 1 General description of image:
Additional Body Paragraph(s)
Criteria 1 – color –
Criteria 2 – facial expressions
Criteria 3 – text
Conclusion – reinforces your “reading” of the image

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