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Choose the creative or one of the academic options.

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Choose the creative OR one of the academic options.
Creative option
You are the music supervisor for a new film of Euripides’ Medea. The film will be set in modern times but it will use the Vellacott translation of Medea (which you happened to have read way back in your YKL class!). Your job for this week is to choose a contemporary song (i.e. from the last 50 years, any genre) that will be the soundtrack to the movie trailer.
Write an email to the director (choose a director or make one up) justifying your choice of song and how it matches the scene (or scenes) you want it to play over. Use lyrics from the song and specific lines from your chosen scene (or scenes) to show how your musical choice is fitting. Treat this as a real-life email: write in the style and tone appropriate for your audience and purpose. (Your email can be as long as it needs to be.)
Academic option
The chorus says, “Today we see the will of Heaven, blow after blow / Bring down on Jason justice and calamity” (p. 55).
Two choices
1) In your view, which part of what happens to Jason falls under the idea of justice? You will have to define justice here, and then support your answer with evidence from the play. If you don’t think that anything that happens to Jason can actually be called justice, please choose option 2.
2) Does the play suggest that Jason is deserving of calamity? Please note that the question asks if the PLAY suggests that he deserves calamity. You might think he does, or does not, deserve calamity, but is the play encouraging you to think one way or the other?
Follow the reading response guidelines (claim, supporting evidence in the form of quotes, analysis, around 8 sentences.)
Due: Sunday Oct. 16.
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