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Describe an example ebp you saw used in the clinical setting.

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Clinical Connections (CC) assignment (20 pts):
You must describe 2 clinical connections (CC) you make during the semester, worth up to 10 points each.
Your points will be based on adequately describing the topic and answering ALL the questions for each.
You may cut and paste the questions below for each CC.
You will complete a Clinical Experience CC
Evidence-Based Practice CC (A & B)
Skin to Skin in a ob setting (topic for both)
A. Clinical experience
1. Course topic
2. Brief description of clinical experience/situation (maintaining confidentiality)
3. Priority associated nursing diagnosis
4. Minimum of 1 nursing intervention (observed or what should have been done if the student did not see the intervention)
B. Evidence Based Practice-
1. Describe an example EBP you saw used in the clinical setting.
2. Find an article from a nursing journal about this practice and write a few sentences summarizing the article.
3. Include the APA reference for the article

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