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Describe the social, political and cultural conditions in fort repose, fl at the beginning of the novel.

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Use course materials Answer one question in a thorough, well-developed essays. Cite any sources or materials. 1. In Failsafe, what is the strategic planners’ emphasis in designing the nuclear response system and its procedures? Is it generally defensive or offensive in its posture? Which inclination has been more thoroughly thought out? The will to attack or the inclination towards avoiding participation in nuclear holocaust? 2. Describe the social, political and cultural conditions in Fort Repose, FL at the beginning of the novel. In particular, how are relations between races, classes, and genders and to what extent do these reflect the time period within which the novel was written? What circumstances are seen as justifying or necessitating changes in these social relations? 3. In what ways does the American Civil Defense program reinforce American cultural ideals of individualism and self-sufficiency and how does the ideal square with real circumstances? What role does the fall out shelter play in the American imagination and how does popular culture (popular songs, for example) represent Civil Defense preparation?

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