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Discuss how the writer might go about revising the theses.

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Second, you will review and comment on a classmate’s thesis statements in the PeerMark assignment. Third, after you have gotten feedback from a classmate, you will submit six thesis statements that I will grade. Please follow the directions below for submitting and reviewing, parts one and two. All three parts will take three weeks to complete.
SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Submit two introductory paragraphs with thesis statements for peer review. Your thesis statements should be from the prompts on the Thesis Statements Assignment (available in the Writing Assignments folder). Refer to section 1c in the Bedford Handbook for example thesis statements.
Be sure that each thesis statement contains the following elements:
Passes the “So what” test from section 1c in The Bedford Handbook
Clearly defined position on your topic
Contains three points you could develop if you were writing an entire essay
Each thesis statement should be in paragraph form and should not contain bullets
Concise and precise diction and phrasing
Proofread and grammatically correct
PEER REVIEW: For the peer review portion of the assignment, you will receive two thesis statements from a classmate. Please consider and include the following in your feedback for each thesis statement you receive.
Review the advice and examples in section 1c of the handbook for publishing and revising thesis statements.
Review each thesis and put it to the “So what?” test. In your responses, address each of the four bullets from the “So what?” test.
Then use the approaches in “Solve five common problems with thesis statement” to evaluate each thesis. Discuss how the writer might go about revising the theses.

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