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Discuss instances where/when athens either failed, or succeeded.

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Question: The Athenian philosopher Plato described four virtues which he saw as the underpinnings of a successful civilization – wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice. Wisdom represented the ability to choose between right and wrong, courage the ability to confront a challenge without fear, moderation the ability to practice self-restraint, and justice the quality of being fair.
From a modern perspective, do you think Plato’s native civilization of classical, “democratic” Athens (about 500-400 BC) lived up to any of these virtues? Discuss instances where/when Athens either failed, or succeeded. I recommend concentrating on just one particular virtue or failure.
Make sure to use only academic sources when arguing your point! No Wikipedia,, encyclopedias, or! You can utilize your textbook to bolster your thesis, but it does not count as a source!

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