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Discuss the major differences between goleman’s emotional intelligence and dubrin’s discussions of cognitive intelligence?

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– the test includes 6 essay questions. Its duration is 240 minutes or 4 hours so plan your time accordingly.
– Your test is comprehensive, drawn from your reading and inclusive of all chapters in DuBrin.
– Answers need to be depth. They also need to answer each part of the question correctly.
(Master Degree Answers)
Book: Leadership: Research, Findings, Practice and Skills By: Dubrin
Describe the differences between the trait, behavioral and contingency leadership theories.
Explain your answer in sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding.
Note: Use examples from your work experience and be specific using the materials introduced by DuBrin and not a generalized or philosophical statement.
What are the significant differences among the transformational leadership theory model, the normative decision model, and the charismatic leadership model?
And under what conditions/situations might each of the three leadership models (transformational – charismatic – normative decision) be effective?
Explain your answer in sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding.
Describe the modifications you would make to DuBrin’s basic formula for human behavior to account for why some leaders excel in creative positions and others possibly do not.
State/Present the basic formula for human behavior to ensure your description modifications align with the formula.
Both DuBrin and Goleman addressed the issue of intelligence
Discuss the major differences between Goleman’s emotional intelligence and DuBrin’s discussions of cognitive intelligence? Be thorough in your explanation, and
Provide at least one example to support your discussion.
Controversy continues over whether men and women have different leadership styles.
– Discuss four perspectives (differences) between male-female leadership styles
– Describe two scenarios (one for each gender) which demonstrate leadership effectiveness that you have possibly experienced.
– If you have not experienced this, describe two examples related to leadership effectiveness between male/female leadership styles.
6. Throughout this course, you have studied leadership models, strategies, concepts, techniques and skills. In fact, the areas studied have been broad and extensive.
In a clear, logical, linear manner, discuss which, in your opinion, are the most applicable?
(a) leadership model or models
(b) leadership strategies
(c) leadership concepts
(d) leadership techniques
(e) leadership skills for the 21st-century manager
In your discussion, your analysis/responses should be sufficient and ensuring you have provided complete detail to demonstrate your understanding and mastery of the subject.
Hint: This question has five separate parts and a response/analysis for each part.

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