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Discussed in class using three of the works read.

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This paper is to allow for you to discuss the events within the time periods, through the literature
read. You are to construct some form of an argument based on the readings and how they
describe the developments occurring in this time period
“You are expected to write an argumentative paper that is based on any concept that has been
discussed in class using three of the works read. The paper must be between 5 and 10 pages
in length. The importance of this paper is how you develop the argument through the use of the
sources selected. Some questions to get you started: How was literature defined during the time
period? What were the major themes or morals throughout the period? How did the literature
affect the society? These are just suggestions to get you started, you may write on anything that
relates to the class.”
This paper is based on your discussion of World Literatur from the standpoint of class work and
the texts read. You must… Write clearly on at least three, but no more than 5, of the texts read Write 5-10 pages Be Universal Convince fully of an argument Defend a point of discussion Contain at least three direct quotes, one per source read, from the book
read in class. Must have original title and work cited page with in text citations mla format.
tartuff, The confessions, and Frankeinstein are three of the works we have read.

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