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Discussion of topic (what you know as the term paper) minimum 1,100-word count

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Writing Assignment #1. Once you have selected a topic conduct your research. You may use any class materials as a starting point and as a reference for your research but will need to include at least 2 peer-reviewed non-textbook references
Prepare an original paper of no less than 1,100 words, no more than 2,000. In writing your paper keep in mind WHY your topic is important or how it relates to environmental health.
The paper should include:
A cover sheet including the course name, students name, date and paper title
An abstract that in a few sentences explain what the paper will focus on and why.
Discussion of topic (what you know as the term paper) minimum 1,100-word count
Basis of concern-why you are writing about this
Population affected-localized, national or worldwide?
Findings, intervention, resources, or outcomes as they are relevant to your topic
conclusion- you may include your fact-based opinion as part of the conclusion if you wish.
Complete list of reference sources (at least a total of 3 -one of which can be from the textbook)
Papers with fewer word counts will be considered nonresponsive to the assignment and will receive an F.

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