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Do an article critique.

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The research study must be from a reputable scientific journal such as The Journal of the
American Dental Hygienist’s Association (JADHA), or the Journal of the American Dental
Association (JADA). It needs to be refereed so should include references. The article critique
must be a study; not a literature review.
Your critique must include the following elements:
1. Introduction: The description of the importance of the topic.
2. Description of the study including the objective(s) of the study, the study design,
methods, results and conclusions by the author(s).
3. Identification of strengths and explanation of why they are strengths.
4. Identification of weaknesses/limitations and explanation of why they are
5. Description of whether you support the author(s)’ conclusions and why.
6. The reference
7. A copy of the article
8. APA Format (see Blackboard site for links on APA Format)
9. 3 pages in length
Note: items 3, 4, 5 require depth of thought and detail. This should be the main part of the
write up. The
Please limit your papers to no more than three pages double spaced. The following website,
even though not specifically related to dental hygiene research, has more information on how to
do an article critique. Article Critique Link at

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