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Do not use justified paragraph alignment anywhere in your paper

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For this publish, include the following:
A well thought-out and articulated introduction
A thesis statement
A research question (ties in very closely with your thesis)
The bodies of literature (BoL) you will need for your paper (include 3-4 sentences about each BoL and tell me why it belongs in your paper)
A bibliography of 7 peer reviewed citations. Use APA formatting
Using Word to create your document. Submit a Word document (no PDFs, Pages, etc formats are accepted).
1. Use a right-aligned header that contains your group number, names of all members who made a contribution to the paper publish, and the date of submission.
2.Use a center aligned footer to show page numbers
3. Do NOT use justified paragraph alignment anywhere in your paper
4. If you need guidance in general on writing a research paper, a good source can be found at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
This publish should be approximately 2 pages (single spaced) long, excluding the bibliography. Ensure that you use standard one-inch margins, 12-point font and double spacing.
Your introduction and a well-developed thesis should be supported by evidence from primary and secondary sources, not just your own opinion.
in the files section, i have attached the essay idea that was approved by my professor. please base entire paper, research, and ethical standpoint on that. please follow all instructions listed above as written or points will be taken off.

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