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Do the same thing for one outside source, using the academic search complete database at mpc.

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Find Two Good Sources for Literature Review 1: One from Inside/One from Outside
And explain why you think they are good sources….
1. Remember your working research questions, for the ongoing Essay 1: Annotated Bibliography and Mini-Research Proposal Assignment. You should have one or two quantitative and one or two qualitative questions in front of you at all times… have them in front of you now…
2. In relation to your questions/topical area, look for and find one good section, reading, cited study or theoretical analysis, from anywhere in our course texts, Andersen and Taylor, Links to an external site.Sociology the EssentialsLinks to an external site., and/or Ferguson, Mapping the Social Landscape… locate something rich enough to become the basis for your starting point…
3. In a detailed paragraph, explain why this is a good source for your research proposal plan.
Cite it something like this model:
Andersen and Taylor, Sociology the Essentials, Chapter section, Gender and Sexuality,
“This chapter has a good overview of how sociologists look at gender and sexuality. For my research on casual sex among college students, I can cite the information on recent research into college dating and hook-up culture… I also see good information on the double standard and slut-shaming. Because I am interested in young heterosexual men’s attitudes towards casual sex, I especially like the section on masculinity and dominance. This all relates to my question about young men’s perceptions of and support for “consent” practices, policies, and laws.”
Do the same thing for one Outside source, using the Academic Search Complete database at MPC.
Use the MPC Library Article Database. Peer review, scholarly journal, full text. I have set up this search with the parameters already selected. But, please make sure you select FULL TEXT and PEER REVIEWED…

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