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Do you think that this was an oversight on the evaluator’s part?

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This case study looks at the introduction of a pet therapy program. The evaluator looks at a number of variables including patient age, gender, and length of stay in the rehabilitation unit. The evaluator did not look at the type of injury or the type of therapy the patient was receiving. Do you think that this was an oversight on the evaluator’s part? Why or why not?
This study found no statistically significant relationship between the number of pet visits and satisfaction with the pet therapy project. What does this mean for the evaluation? Suppose there was a statistically significant difference between number of visits and satisfaction. What would this mean for the evaluation of the pet therapy program?
Your paper should be one- to two-pages. Include a title page and a reference list. You may cite your text as a source. Remember to always cite your sources using APA Style.
I will upload the case study on files. Please check it out

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