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Do your research about the specifics of other nations.

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How often do you get to write fiction in a course? Likely next to never, until now. Lucky you! With the family paper, the goal is to get you to think about what it would be like to live abroad with your hypothetical family (partner, two children). You have free reign to choose your own adopted country, but, clear the choice with me in advance. Also, if you are from another country, DO NOT PICK that country. Imagine the paper as a bit like a letter written to someone back home. The writing should contrast cultural practices that are starkly different than those in the USA. Also, as you have a family, how does the new place impact the rest of your group? For example, when I was in France, in some parts of the country, they did not differentiate between male and female restrooms. This was highly confusing. Trying to not screw up, I ended up walking into rooms where there were women. I ran out, wondering what to do and stood there until I watched a man go back into the restroom I just left. Hmmmm. Perhaps I did not make a mistake! Lesson learned. Unlike the presentations, the focus is not broad versus narrow, but, rather, different customs, practices, laws and social conventions. Do your research about the specifics of other nations. The more different the nation when compared to the USA, likely the easier the paper will be to write. Now, you are thinking, how long? Go with a minimum of five pages, though if you are a master of fictional material and having fun, you can go as long as twelve, though there is no obligation to do so. I am looking for A) four or five cultural differences highlighted B) did you highlight members of your family (my daughter was sent home from school because her face was exposed, we are in the middle east) and C) is it legible? Questions, ask! Want me to check what you have to see if you are on the right track? Not a problem. Good luck!

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