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Doctor’s fees $1,450

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Create a 1-2 page letter to the Powell’s explaining their deductibility of their medial expenses by providing them a spreadsheet in Excel to calculate Denise’s medical expense deduction. Use the formula for calculating a taxpayer’s medical expense deduction presented in your textbook in learning object 5.6 as a guide. Use the AGI you calculated for the couple in week 2 in your calculation. Make sure to properly label each medical expense and provide an explanation for any medical expenses that are nondeductible in the letter. Embed your spreadsheet into the letter.
During the current year Denise has paid the following medical expenses:
Drugs (prescribed by a physician $1,850
Marijuana (prescribed by physician) $2,125
Health Insurance Premiums – After Taxes $775
Doctor’s Fees $1,450
Contact Lenses $280
Over-the-Counter-Drugs $325
Denise received $750 for a portion of her doctor’s fees from her insurance

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