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Don’t worry; it’s not my locker.

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Scenario 1: Tom Murphy, a ninth-grader, makes a videotape for one of his classes. The tape shows student actors shooting at other students on the school grounds, using long-barreled guns that appear real. On the videotape, the actor-students are heard yelling at other students, laughing, and making off-color remarks, while aiming their weapons at others. Murphy’s teacher receives the tape and becomes concerned.
Scenario 2: Student John Jones sends another student an e-mail message saying: “You are a dead man.”
Scenario 3: A high school principal receives an anonymous phone call at 7:30 a.m. The caller says: “There is a pipe bomb scheduled to go off in the gym at noon today. I placed the bomb in the locker of one of the seniors. Don’t worry; it’s not my locker. I just placed it there because I can see it from where I will be sitting — and will know if someone goes to check on it.”
Using the principles of threat assessment order the following scenarios from high, medium, and low levels of threat. Explain why you place them in such order.

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