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Research Paper
Over the course of the term we have covered many theorists and researchers who have greatly contributed to our understanding of human development. As part of our course work, you will be tasked with composing a formal essay focused on at least two theorists/researchers who focused their work on attachment. Please include the following in your paper:
Theory and/or research specific to each of the two theorists/researchers
Application of the theories and/or research throughout the lifespan
Limitations of the theories/research
Comparative analysis of the theories/research between the two chosen theorists/researchers
Your essay must include a cover page, introduction, body, conclusion and works cited page.
The introduction of your formal essay should include a broad overview of the topics (researchers/theorists), any necessary definitions, and a discussion of why this topic is important.
The conclusion of your essay should include your comparative analysis between the two theorists/researchers.
Create and save your work as a document- once you have completed the course assignment, upload that document by clicking the button at the top of this page.
Submission Note: Only submit a PDF or .dodocx file. Do not attempt to submit a Pages file or Google Drive link. Any essays found to be plagiarized, or partially plagiarized, will result in a zero, and that information will be forwarded to the Director of Student Development Services, at JSR, and the LDHS administration.
Formating criteria:
5- 7 pages in length
Includes a cover page and a works cited page
Includes proper use of in-text citations
Consistently uses standard APA format (no footnotes)
Competently utilizes information from at least 5 sources
Includes introduction, body and concluding paragraphs
Cover page and reference page not included in 5-7 page paper if want full credit.

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