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Download and print the map.

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Under “Modules” in the “Plate Tectonics Project” section, you will find the files needed for this project.
The file “Plate Outlines” contains a map of the major tectonic plates.
Download and print the map. Pick one of the plates for your project. You do not need to have specific knowledge of plate tectonics yet for this part of the project.
Once you have chosen your plate, use the other four maps (Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Seafloor Age, Topography) in order to find out what characterizes the margins of your plate (e.g.: Do you find volcanoes along all of your plate margins, or only in certain areas? Is the seafloor of the same age along all of the margins, or do you observe differences in age?, etc.).
Mark your observations on your map printout (e.g. with different colors or symbols), include a legend on your map, and summarize your observations in a report (about one page).

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