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Explain with specific examples.

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In this paper you will be exploring the topic of learning about sex. Paper must be minimum 1000 words. Please put word count at the top of your reflection. In your paper, please number and answer the following questions in the order listed below.
With regards to the readings, please avoid direct quoting; you should put the readings’ ideas into your own words. Please note that no
late papers, papers that quote directly instead of putting ideas into your own words, nor papers that do not meet the minimum word
count, will be accepted.
Book is uploaded below . Readings are in Chapter 4 (Easy find/ PDF has table of contents) Question 1 is Reading 16 and Question 2 is Reading 20. In Question 3, can you answer as learning about sex , not at home.
1) In “The Death of the Stork: Sex Education Books for Children” by Wendy Simonds and Amanda M. Jungels, what did they find as the main limitations of these sex education books? Explain with specific examples.
2) In “Sex, Love, and Autonomy in the Teenage Sleepover” by Amy T. Schalet, how do the US and the Netherlands compare in terms of adolescent sexuality? How does Schalet explain these differences between the US and the Netherlands?
3) Discuss your own process of learning about sex. When, how, from where/whom did you learn about sex? Did you receive sex education at home, in school, elsewhere? What kinds of information about sex were you given? In retrospect, what kinds of information about sex were you not given? Considering the readings, does your experience of learning about sex represent more the approach of the US or the Netherlands? Explain with specific examples. Were/are you satisfied with how you learned about sex? Why or why not?

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