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Give an example of each challenge to support your observation.

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In a well-composed essay, complete the following:
Introduction: Clarify briefly what this essay will accomplish.
Develop a timeline showing the historical relationship among Judaism, Christianity and Islam’s beginnings. Indicate their geographical connections, founders, and several key theological divisions within each religion.
Choose two (2) elements from the following list: the nature of God, the nature of Jesus, holy books, salvation or social justice.
Analyze your chosen element by demonstrating the similarities or differences among the three religions regarding your chosen element, using specific examples.
Examine at least two challenges that affect how all three religions currently relate to each other.
Give an example of each challenge to support your observation.
Further, define globalization and discuss how globalization helps or hinders this current relationship.
Conclusion: Bring your essay together by reflecting on what you learned and how it might help you in your nursing profession going forward.

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