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How are you able to take care of a child when you are a child still?

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Watch and engage your classmates. What are your thoughts after watching this video? What is the impact of Covid19 on this subject? Will America be the same again?
GUIDELINES FOR POSTING: State your opinion, back it up with an article or video clip on the subject, Read and reply (in details) to at least two other posts.
Below are my classmates posts that will need a response
Classmate 1:
I thought this was a good quick video addressing poverty in America. The video mentioned two ideas that caught my attention. First, the idea of cash benefit rather than safety net program dictating what to get. I think this idea would definitely help however, I do not believe this is something America will ever switch to. This would allow families to be able to get items that better fit their family needs and diet. For example if there is a variety of allergies in the family it may be hard to get what is necessary. I do not believe this would ever occur in America because it is a big trust system that the family is purchasing essentials rather than wants and I feel America lacks a lot of trust in others. The second idea is that those in poverty often do not vote. I feel this is because they do not have as much or any access social media or news coverage to be able to become educated on political issues in order to advocate and vote for their needs. Instead they rely on other to advocate for them and there is not much of that. I believe Covid19 really effected the poverty in America and it will be hard to pull out of. If we do not invest our time, money and energy in the children of our future who knows how America will be in 10 years, 20 years, 50 years or even 100 years.
Classmate 2:
Although the video was very detailed in explaining the ways poverty has decreased throughout the years, it is hard for me to see how this is possible. I feel like in my generation, people are starting to have kids at a super young age. They aren’t having one or two kids either. It’s more like 2-4 children. Not saying that you have to have a degree to get paid well, but at least waiting and seeing what it is that you want to do with your future could help. A 17 year old is a child still. What do they know about taking care of a child? They are most likely still in school and if they have a job it is part time, not getting paid very good money. How are you able to take care of a child when you are a child still? Most of my friends have kids, no father to help with the kids and barely making anything to support their child. If anything, my thoughts would be that the poverty level is increasing instead of decreasing. I come from a household where we didn’t grow up with money. My grandma purchased her first house for $19,000 back in the day. No central cooling/heating, one bathroom, 3 tiny rooms. Which is where I still currently live. My mom is a nurse who has 4 children, and she still doesn’t make enough to support everything she wants/needs to do for us. She lives paycheck to paycheck and still never has enough money even without paying rent, being that our house is paid off. My grandma is a hairstylist and makes around $13,000 a year. I’m not even too sure how she was able to get by all of these years. None of my family has ever had access to food stamps because they were always denied them. The system is rigged and people lie on their applications for food stamps. I can’t really see it getting better any time soon. With Covid, my mom got lucky that she was considered an “essential worker” because we would all be struggling. My grandma couldn’t work because nobody was booking to look good when we couldn’t even go anywhere anyway. I got lucky working at Chick-fil-A that I was even considered an “essential worker” and could still make a little bit of money while finishing college. I think people just need to start making better choices and we need better sex education so that kids can enjoy their lives instead of having to take care of babies. This article shows rates that state more women in low income households are the ones with the most children.

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