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How do i make my topic outline?

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Break down your subject. You should have 4 to 7 subcategories (not counting the introduction and conclusion) that you will need to address as you take on your paper. As you research, you may want to add new topics to your outline and that’s fine, but you want to keep an updates outline for yourself as you work to help organize your research and thinking about the topic.
You also need to think about the appropriate order in which you will want to address these sub categories within your subject. In general, you should think about organizing subtopics chronologically and additionally you want to address broader more introductory or background topics first and the most specific topics at the end.
Example One (can not use example)
Subject: Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii
Topic Outline:
Introduction – general introduction of subject or issue
General Intro – Kilauea, what is it?
Hotspot Volcanoes
Hawaiian Islands Effects of climate on weathering
Big Island Formation
Kilauea formation
Current Activity
Future Activity
Conclusion – Summary of main ideas and a place to include your opinion.
Five is a minimum number of sources for this assignment. You may have more than five and may add more appropriate sources as you continue to work on this assignment. Also, you may find as you work that certain sources you started with are NOT that helpful after all and can remove them from your bibliography. But, at this point you need to find at least five APPROPRIATE sources to get your started.
Appropriate means:
Address the information in your topic and/or subtopics
Not so technical you can’t understand them
Not too redundant
Meet the criteria outlined below
Online Source – Most common
NO WIKIPEDIA ALLOWED. Wikipedia is great. Please read it., but then move to other sources for citing in your research report.

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