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How might these nt references help us understand the place of imprecations (calling on god for judgment) in the prayer-life of believers?

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The goal of this paper is to discuss the key issues related to the interpretation of imprecatory psalms with special attention to Psalm 58 and implications for Christians today.
First, read Psalm 58 carefully and make observations. Find the imprecations (curses called down on the psalmist’s enemy) within the context of the psalm. In the opening paragraph of your paper, include at least three questions based on your own observations of this psalm that are related to its imprecatory nature.
Read the provided commentary on Psalm 58 (Mays, Interpretation commentary, pdf below). How does Mays help you answer your questions with respect to Psalm 58? What insight does he provide for understanding the imprecations in this psalm? Look up the NT verses he references in Mays’ discussion of this psalm; how do these NT passages discuss God’s judgment? How might these NT references help us understand the place of imprecations (calling on God for judgment) in the prayer-life of believers? Read the assigned supplementary reading for this unit (Wenham, ch. 6) before writing this paper. How does Wenham help you understand imprecatory psalms in general? Explain your understanding of whether a Christian can make use of these psalms, and if so, how? In your discussion, refer to Wenham’s suggestions on the advantages of Christians using the imprecatory psalms (pp 141-142).
The body of the paper needs to be approximately three pages (lengthy introductions do not count toward this page-count), and conform to the paper guidelines in MLA forma

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