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How would you address it?

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This is a reflective journal and should be addressed as a patient being seen in the clinic.
Goal/Learning Objective :
After choosing one of the options in part one, answer all of the following questions in one paragraph, providing your thoughts and insight into this experience: What was your goal/learning objective for this unit’s clinical experience?
How does this new information combined with prior knowledge and beliefs carry forward into your future practice?
Academic Resources:
In one paragraph or more explain what academic sources did you read on this topic, and what were the notable findings? (These should be other than your course textbooks). Include any pertinent data important to this topic.
Cultural Knowledge
Discuss one of the questions below in one paragraph :
1. Name one specific cultural consideration that could impact the implementation of this knowledge, and explain how you would address it? OR 2. For a specific patient seen in clinical, explain an aspect of the patient’s culture that would need to be addressed during the implementation of this knowledge. How would you address it?
In one paragraph discuss how would you use the information that you have learned to educate a patient/appropriate family member who is uninformed on this topic?
In one paragraph discuss what were the challenges you faced in integrating this information into the care of a patient you saw during this unit’s clinical experience?
APA / Mechanics:
Professionally written, utilizes academic resources published in the last five (5) years, appropriate grammar and sentence structuring, and correct APA referencing and APA format.

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