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How would your proposed mbo help your organization in terms of motivation and performance?

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Using the Management By Objectives (MBO) approach learned from Chapter 6 and lesson to ensure that individual and organizational goals are aligned, develop a MBO that you would recommend for your organization. If you are not currently working, select a company in the marketplace to develop the MBO. Remember the MBO process.
1.Setting company-wide goals derived from corporate strategy
2.Determining team- and department-level goals
3.Collaboratively setting individual-level goals that are aligned with corporate strategy
4.Developing an action plan – what are components of an action plan that you would recommend?
5.Periodically reviewing performance and revising goals – what would this entail and look like?
How would your proposed MBO help your organization in terms of motivation and performance?
Please use info from chapter 6 only to answer these questions. Please also follow grading scheme on the rubric

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