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However, after this class, if and when the situation arises, i will be better equipped to do so.

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please respond to this post in 150 words or more as a student. Simply saying I agree is unacceptable, please add to this conversation by incorporating a new source or view point. “My name is Hunter. I serve in the United States Air Force, stationed out of Florida. I’m currently on my first deployment. I’m a single mother of one daughter and two fur babies. Both of which I miss very much. I am going to AMU for my bachelor’s in “Sports Medicine”. The end goal is to become a high school athletic trainer and/or a physical therapist technician. In this class, I hope to learn everything I need in order to assess any and all sports related injuries. Unfortunately, I am a hands on learner, so personally this class may be more difficult for me. I am currently certified in Self Aid Buddy Care, CPR, and some other military injury certifications. Fun fact, I have been playing softball for fifteen years and I have been my daughter’s t-ball coach the last three years. I would say I am good with kids, not great, but I have began to adapt patience. Luckily, I have not had to assist any children’s injuries (knock on wood). However, after this class, if and when the situation arises, I will be better equipped to do so.
As a coach, a parent, and a player, I have learned it is critical to know how to address any and all injuries on spot in order to avoid further damage. In have also found from trial and error myself that is is very important to have all members of a team, parents included, all on the same page with addressing and assessing all injuries. In my opinion it is nutrition, mind, then body. With that being said, a Sports Nutritionist, Sports Psychologist and an Exercise Physiologist are the three sports professionals I have chose to discuss. A Sports Nutritionist helps an athlete to maintain a healthy lifestyle and chose the right nutrition for the body to improve athletic performance. Next, is mental. A Sports Psychologist studies an athlete’s mental while assisting in motivation, visualization, stress management and any other psychological factors. Last is physical. An Exercise Physiologist who knows the body to a T. This person studies an individuals responses to exercises while developing a new or modified workout regimen. All of these professionals play a critical role to diagnose, treat, and prevent any and all injuries while all innertwining to make the perfect healthcare team.”

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