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However, only provide information that illuminates the angle taken by the essay.

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1. Your profile should have an engaging opening that places your subject “front and center” and suggests what the essay’s angle will be.
HINT 1: The profile introduction often features a quotation that gives insight into your subject’s personality.
HINT 2: A profile introduction frequently places the profile subject within a physical setting that reveals something about who they are.
HINT 3: From the very start, your profile should take the perspective of a detached observer. As the author of the profile, you should never reveal your relationship to your profile subject.
2. Profile organization
a. Your profile should consist of multiple paragraphs.
HINT 1: The paragraphs that make up the body of your profile should frequently lead off with topic sentences as well as transitional words and phrases. They give structure and “flow” to the profile.
b. The profile should include history and background on your subject. However, only provide information that illuminates the angle taken by the essay.
HINT 2: Consider including one or more anecdotes (little stories) that highlight some feature of your subject’s personality.
c. Your profile should include a phrase or sentence that describes the outward appearance of your subject.
3. Your profile should include several quotations from your subject.
HINT 1: Distribute your quotes in the following way:
* One quotation from your subject somewhere in your introduction.
* Four to six quotations integrated into the essay’s body paragraphs;
*a final quotation in the closing paragraph.
Including the first and final quotations helps to ensure that your subject always remains the “star” of the profile. It gives them the “first” and the “last” word about themselves.
HINT 2: A profile generally uses both direct and indirect quotations.
Go to this link for an explanation of the difference between direct and indirect quotations:
Remember: Direct quotations are presented in different styles or formats. However, they almost always feature straight-forward “speaker tags,” such as he said, or she explained, or Mary recalled.
4. Your profile should have an intriguing title presented in the Saturday Profile style.
HINT: Saturday Profile titles often involve a play on words.

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