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Context: In the movie Wild, the main character Cheryl is sitting in an initial therapy session. The premise of the storyline in Wild is that the main character is grieving the loss of her mother while simultaneously trying to come clean from heroin. She reveals her experiences in engaging in self-destructive behaviors.
Assignment: This exercise offers you the opportunity to apply the Brief Mental Status Exam to the young woman in the video.
Instructions: Please watch the short video clip, which shows a scene of psychotherapy. Pay attention to how the main character Cheryl interacts with the therapist and assesses her mental status. Fill out the BMSE in this Module and write a brief summary of why you decided on your selections.
-It is important to report based on observation and from an objective point of view. This would read, “client appears”, “client demonstrated”, or “client presented with” versus concretely stating “client’s mood is depressed”.!

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