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-Applying Schein’s Process Consultation Model, appropriate organization theories, and course learnings, each student group will work cooperatively to describe, analyze, and complete a written 17-20 page case study (not counting cover page, table of contents, and references) in correct APA 7th edition format. please see the attached file, I have created an outline and filled some details for you which will be very helpful.
( few descriptive pieces about our project.) – Service line background: Women’s and Children’s Service line
Comprised of 5 departments: Mother-Infant Unit, Neonatal Intensive Unit, Pediatrics, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) Issue: Departments in silos- ineffective communication, them versus us mentality, lack of ownership over the overall patient population
Inefficient Processes
Lack of sharing resources
Impact: different departmental standards lead to suboptimal patient outcomes
Adverse Financial impact
Unify the Service Line: overcome silos, improve communication, create a shared vision, Streamline processes
Share Human resources
Improve financial impact
Improve patient outcomes
Improve staff engagement
Theoretical Framework suggestions:
Schein’s process Consultation Model: 3 main components plus 10 principles
Group And Intergroup Dynamics: Develop effective teams that optimize productivity, personal growth, group effectiveness, camaraderie, and interpersonal skills with emphasis on how one contributes to group success and manages challenges that emerge in the process. Organizational Change And Development: Develop the forces and processes of Organization Development and Change that prevent and reduce resistance to change.

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