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You have been recently hired as an Epidemiological Research Assistant at your county’s Health Department. It is only day 1 on the job and you have been asked to develop a presentation for the County Commissioners describing a health disparity within your community.
In your report, you are asked to summarize the demographic information about the population, as well as summarize the health disparity.
The County Commissioners ask that you present your findings in a PowerPoint® presentation.
In statistics or epidemiology, when you are asked to summarize an issue, this means that you must do so by using quantitative information.
For this assignment, please summarize by using only descriptive statistics.
In order to procure this information, you will need to access databases supported by your State Public Health Department, CDC, CMS, etc.
You should pick a health disparity applicable to your future career (HEALTHCARE ADMINISTRATION / LEADERSHIP).
– Throughout your presentation, you must appropriately evaluate the effectiveness of descriptive statistics in summarizing the demographics of the population and the health disparity.
– Provide contextual information where appropriate.
– Requirements
Presentation is 10–12 slides in length.
– Include detailed speaker’s notes with each slide (25 to 50 words). The majority of the speaker’s notes should be in your own words.
– The slides appear uncluttered.
Visual representations of data are used to summarize descriptive statistics of demographic information.
Visual representations of data are used to summarize descriptive statistics of the health disparity.
Descriptive statistics are evaluated for effectiveness. Contextual information is provided.

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