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Please review the attached pdf docs and then prepare a lab summary of your exper

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Please review the attached pdf docs and then
Prepare a Lab Summary of your experience with all of the Module 1 VM labs (In your own words- attached are the labs to review).
The summary should contain four paragraphs.
You must use complete sentences with proper spelling and grammar; each paragraph should consist of a minimum of 75 words.
Lab Assessment: Complete the following steps:
*Students in ONLINE SECTIONS MUST use the Netlab environment to complete the labs in order to receive credit.*
Submit the following items in a Word document.
Submit a Lab Reflection (In your own words). Four paragraphs:
Paragraph 1: Describes the purpose of the lab.
Paragraph 2: Discusses how the topic in this lab would be used in a real-world environment.
Paragraph 3: Describe how the lab went for you, including any problems you may have experienced.
Paragraph 4: Describe what you learned from the lab.
Make sure to include headings (Showing both the name of the lab and the name of the paragraph) so that the document is easy to follow.
Be specific, especially in the paragraph about what you learned.
Note: All screenshots(attached pdfs has them), and four lab paragraphs must be submitted in one Word document.
Name the document with your name and Week1 (ie, StudentNameWeek1.docx).
Please use Grammarly to make sure it flows and makes sense, not all fill words and run-on sentences. Please write a response complimenting the topic manner and expand on it.

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