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Provide 1 possible nursing diagnosis and rationales.

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Birth Story interview assignment. Interview a friend/family or member of your cohort to gain insight into the meaning of pregnancy and birth through the eyes of the woman interviewed. This may also be autobiographical.
What are the 3 types of interview structures?
Structured interviews: The questions are predetermined in both topic and order.
Semi-structured interviews: A few questions are predetermined, but other questions aren’t planned.
Unstructured interviews: None of the questions are predetermined and the subject is allowed to discuss the subject organically.
Purpose: To develop and enhance research and writing skills in preparation for entering the workforce. The assignment will also give an insight into OB health. Provide 1 possible Nursing diagnosis and rationales.
MUST utilize Unitek College Online Library to perform research.
The paper must be 500-650 words.
12 font, 1.0 “ALL margins

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