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In the assignment, you should describe the following features of your conflict case (attached file):
How did the conflict begin? What issues caused the conflict?
How and why did the conflict escalate? What were some specific events that caused violence to escalate?
What specific attempts have been made to resolve your conflict?
What is the current state of the conflict? What are some impediments to resolving your conflict, and why are those impediments difficult to overcome?
Please submit an outline along with your draft. You may use one of the outline templates that you’re required to submit for your journal (up-side-down triangle or right-side-up triangle), or you may develop your own outline. The key is just to show that you’ve thought about the argument and supporting evidence for each paragraph before you write your draft. There will be a 3-point penalty for failing to submit an outline along with your draft. Research. Research. The first step to writing your paper is to research your conflict case. Please pay careful attention to the information offered in class about how to research your conflict case. You will need to synthesize information across at least 3 different sources, and be mindful of implicit biases across sources. You should aim to present an impartial summary of the conflict. Please use APA citation style.
Class lecture(attached file) should NOT be one of your three sources.

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