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Should i purchase a house or rent?

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This week’s assignment is you doing more practice on logic trees. They are such a great problem solving and critical thinking tool.
I want this week’s assignment to add value to your personal life. Create two logic trees (either for your life or your work life). Some examples of logic trees we’ve seen in the past:
Should I continue and get my master’s degree?
Should I look for a new job?
Should I purchase a house or rent?
I want this assignment to be meaningful to YOU. So, choose topics that you’re actually considering in the near future and do some real soul-searching and research. The chapter gives an in-depth review of trees. There are different types. Here’s an article with a couple examples as well. to an external site.
Be sure that your tree has at least 12 nodes that sprout from the problem statement. Not 12 branches, but 12 nodes. So if you had two branches off the problem statement, you’d have two nodes filled in. But if each of those two nodes had three branches off of them, you’d now have 8 nodes total – your two original nodes and the six you just added. If you created two branches from those six nodes you just added, that’ll add 12 nodes. Now you’re up to 20 nodes of information from that one problem statement. Hope that makes sense, please let me know any questions.

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