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Should imply a guiding research question, e.g.

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Your thesis statement
should IMPLY a guiding
research question, e.g.
Are the extreme
examples of sexual and
violent lyrics in later Hip
Hop music a result of
the commercialization
of the genre, or an
authentic expression of the
composer/performers’ experience?
Because we are focusing on analysis and critique,
these written assignments rely primarily on
information provided by you. However,
information that is obtained from outside
sources should be cited appropriately using MLA
or APA style. Use scholarly articles – not information that cannot be verified.
After analyzing the cultural context, what
conclusions can be drawn? Generally speaking,
your paper should not promote a neutral stance e.g. Madonna’s
music represents a
reversal of the
cultural norm in the
role of women in
American society in
the following ways
In this assignment, your ultimate “decision” (drawn
ideally from conventional critical thinking
techniques and the SLU core values) is represented
as a thesis/position statement in your introduction
and conclusion, e.g. “Death Metal music gives
America’s youth an appropriate/or inappropriate
outlet for violent emotions in a relatively controlled
atmosphere (that of the concert venue), and as
such provides a harmless (or harmful) cathartic
experience for the fans/audience.

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