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Food is a complex system itself, and it reaches every person in the world. The topic covered in your Case Studies should be complex enough to present pros and cons. The Case Study should include three fundamental parts: (1) the science, chemistry and facts explaining the concept, (2) a larger impact of the topic (why we care), (3) an opposing argument to the initial impact (why we care, again). The larger implications (#2 and #3) can include the historical context for invention, impact on individual nutrition, effects on the food system as a whole, potential ideas for future innovations and more. The food system and its influence is so large and complex that every topic will have an impact in multiple facets. It’s safe to assume that your readers have a general education but assume they haven’t taken our class.
Guidelines: • Four to five pages. This page count does not include any figure captions or the bibliography. • Include any graphs, figures that help develop your argument with a caption.
• Citations in American Chemical Society (ACS) standard, use superscript in-text citations and include a
bibliography. ACS Citations • Six or more sources: including three peer-reviewed scientific journals
or Usethe PubMed website as a good starting point : • Include three main points: (1) the science, (2) why it matters, (3) an opposing or complimentary
argument to the problem. • Information and facts taken from class notes do not need to be cited. Steps: • Step #1: Pick a topic of interest (Salt: sources, types, flavors, effects on cooking) Include 150 words about why you’re choosing the topic and another 150 words summarizing of one published journal source. • Step #2: Identify four more sources that will be used in your Case Study. Include a 150-word summary of each source. At least two of the four must be peer-reviewed scientific journals. • Step #3: Submit a draft of the scientific section of your Case Study. Also find one more source *Not too much advanced language* *All sources must come from PubMed*

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