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Submit a 700-1400 word analysis of your selected issue.

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Due Sunday of Week 7
Submit a 700-1400 word analysis of your selected issue. Describe the issue, connect your issue with significant concepts, distinctive features, and critical periods in life-span development. Examine any controversy surrounding your issue, and provide a summary of how your issue has helped or hindered the study of psychology in your analysis. Your analysis must include the following:
Title page
Current research (at least 4 journal article/primary source submissions; the best resource to use is the psychology databases via the library which can be found here).
Reference page
Additionally, your paper must be in the following format:
APA format
Times New Roman 12-point font
1 inch margins
Double spaced
Feedback will be received in the comments area of your graded assignment.
Write your Final Analysis in a Word document and submit it using the upload tool below. Use this naming protocol for your proposal: LastnameFirstnameAnalysis

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