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Create a works cited entry for the source and list it alphabetically by last name of the primary author, making sure to include all necessary information, as required by MLA.
Immediately follow each entry with your annotation of that work in three paragraphs that are double-spaced and written in italics.
Begin each annotation with a paragraph summarizing the work including the thesis idea and the main points discussed, followed by a paragraph critiquing the strengths/weaknesses of the work, and ending with a brief synthesis paragraph explaining how the entry might be used within your own argument.
1. Free college Tuition: Should access to higher education be a right awarded to any any United States citizen who chooses to purpose it?
2. Birthright Citizenship: should U.S citizens be awarded to any individual born on U.S. soil, regardless of the circumstances?
3. Guns on College Campuses: Should all colleges in the U.S allow the legal carry of firearms on their campuses?
4. U.S. Elections: Should the United States abolish the Electoral College as a means of deciding our Presidential race?
5. Universal Healthcare: Should the United States provide basic healthcare coverage to all of its citizens?

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