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What happened to

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The Question before the Court: This should be a
short section. Each court case literally has one or two
constitutional questions the court is trying to answer.
You will put those questions here with NOTHING ELSE
in this section.
Petitioners Argument: The petitioner is the person
who has alleged wrongdoing. What happened to
them? How were their constitutional rights violated?
And, most importantly, what was their argument before the court? I am NOT looking for your opinion here. I’m looking for you to have actually listened to the case, taking notes on the case while paying particular attention to their constitutional argument. What article or amendment are they alleging were violated? Did they reference any other cases in making their case before the Court? If so, what case and why did they use it? This section should be roughly 400 words. Respondents Argument: The respondent is the person, entity or government alleged to have done wrong. They, however, are going to argue their actions were justified. Again, NOT looking for your opinion here. I’m looking for you to have listened to the case, taking notes on the respondents constitutional argument on why they feel justified in their actions. did they mention any other Supreme Court Cases in their argument? If so who and why? This section should be roughly 400 words as well.
Summary of the Courts Decision: Who did the court rule in favor of and why? I do not want your opinion here either. You are simply saying, “here was the question before the court, here was the courts answer to that question and here was their justification. This section should be at least 200 words.

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