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What is the message it is trying to convey?

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The problem set for this module is the first part of a 50-point paper, described below.
Paper 1: Abnormal Psychology in the News
While topics in abnormal psychology almost daily make the news, reporters do not always present research results in an accurate manner. Your task in this paper is to find a newspaper or magazine article from the past year that discusses at least one of the disorders addressed in this module. The article should be at least a few pages long. Your paper should include the following:
The URL for an online article about depressive or bipolar disorders
A summary, in your own words, of what the article was about
A description of the central issues or concerns; that is, why was the article written, do you think? What is the message it is trying to convey?
A description on whether you think this article accurately described the disorder(s); be sure to base your answer on what you learned in the module. You should also use one additional reliable source to evaluate the article’s description of the disorder (e.g., part of the DSM, or a source from NIMH). Also be sure to give specific reasons why you think the article did or did not accurately describe the disorder.
An evaluation of the impact of this article; does it genuinely contribute to understanding of the topic at hand or is it misleading?

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