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What the reading and documentary are about

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What factors accounted for the timing of the decolonization of Africa?
You are required to write a total of four reaction papers (4-5 pages each, excluding the bibliography) for the course. Some of your reaction papers must come from the compulsory assignments. A reaction paper is your response to the assigned reading(s) and at least one assigned documentary on Youtube. The reaction paper requires you to acquire important information about the reading(s), and the documentary before providing and supporting your opinion on the subject under investigation/discussion. You are required to reference the readings and documentary in the body of your essay. Every paragraph must have at least a reference. Of course, if there is no assigned reading, you may provide your own readings and reference them.
-The context: provide background information about the theme/topic.
-Thesis statement: you must include a thesis statement or the major points you are reacting to at the beginning of your reaction paper.
-A brief information about the reading and documentary. What the reading and documentary are about
-The Introduction: provide a brief description of the problems and ideas in the lecture, reading (s) and documentary. Immediately after the introduction, please write a thesis statement which is clear and brief.
-The body: this is the main section where you explain all the ideas in your reaction paper.
-The conclusion: touch on the major points and wrap up everything by clarifying your reaction/opinion.
-Every paragraph must have a source.
-Provide a bibliography at the end of the essay.
Decolonization in Africa:

Africa: States of independence – the scramble for Africa:

AFRICA Episode 7 The Rise of Nationalism Written Presented by Basil Davidson Executive Producer M:

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