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What you learned through your research and study of the staff person you interviewed

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Interview an enrollment management professional who is in a leadership position at a college or university. The interview can be conducted in person, or over the telephone. Be sure to call and schedule the interview in advance, and allow yourself enough time to complete the assignment. Prepare questions in advance, and ask your professor to review your questions in advance of the interview. Write a 5-7 page paper that features the enrollment management professional you interviewed. Your paper must address: The critical skills and competencies that an enrollment management professional must possess to be successful today. Benefits and challenges of being an enrollment management professional in higher education today. The manner in which a new professional can enter the field of enrollment management. Utilize your subject’s story as an example.
The most critical issues facing colleges and universities with regard to enrollment management. (Utilize the viewpoint of the subject.) The leadership qualities that are important for someone to lead in an enrollment management position of leadership. (Utilize your subject as an example.) What you learned through your research and study of the staff person you interviewed Note: Students who submit only a transcript or summary of their interview for this assignment will receive a zero. (0) PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT YOUR INTERVIEW SUBJECT IS ONE SOURCE FOR YOUR PAPER, like a book or article. Discuss your course, what you have read, and what you have learned with your interviewee.

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