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When i was a little girl i was fascinated by clothes and runway shows.

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this is the essay i wrote last year so you can have an idea.
As a little boy plays with his toy fire trucks, he dreams of what it would be like to be a real life firefighter and to help save people. A little girl plays dress up with her friends and mixes and matches different outfits for their fashion show. She dreams of becoming a fashion designer.
when I was a little girl I was fascinated by clothes and runway shows. I would plan runway shows, convince my friends to be the models and post flyers around my neighborhood so the neighbors would know the time and place for the event. Nothing made me happier than planning the event every year.
In ninth grade, I unexpectedly underwent the most significant change in my life. Moving to an international school with an entirely different culture and language from my previous school. Although my values drastically shifted one thing stayed the same. My dream to become a fashion designer. I spent most of high school feeling like an outsider for expressing myself through fashion. I was the girl who would wear makeup and dress up everyday to go to school whilst the other students weren’t into it. One day I wore a black dress to school and a girl said I would never wear something like that to school and it made me feel awful for being different. Fashion helped me exude the confidence and power I didn’t realize I possessed. Few years later the entire school began wearing makeup and dressing up. Being my authentic self influenced people in a positive way.
In order to pursue my love for fashion design,I have taken many courses over the last few years including fashion drawing, sewing, crochet, fashion production. I have spent the last year working on making and altering clothes for my friends in order to further practice my techniques. My dear friend Rosio got married a few months ago and I had the pleasure of working on her wedding gown. The bridal gown was stunning and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.
What draws me towards the fashion design degree is being able to spread the world of fashion through the art of creativity. The fashion design program will give me the opportunity to take part in a community of people like me, as well as to hopefully inspire more people to see how exciting developing their own sense of style can be. I’m a perfect match for the pratt institute because I have spent my entire life standing out of a crowd ,completely owning it, studying and preparing myself to be part of The Fashion Institute of technology’s community.
My dream is to have my own clothing line and The Fashion Institute of technology will provide me with the education, opportunities, location and platform no other college can.

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