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When kramarae mentions the answers to the whimm – how is this group achieving one of her solutions?

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In her article on Language – Cheris Kramerae imagines a woman’s world and describes the ‘nature of the rhetor’. Later, bell hooks and Gloria Anzaldua offer their worldview in relation to language.
This paper will use their ideas as the foundation for and application of current discourse by, of, and about women. Your analysis must go beyond ideas we have brought up in class.
First, find a woman or group who is/are using rhetoric or embodying a worldview mentioned in Kramarae’s piece. These must be your original examples, not those mentioned in class. Look under Rhetorical Options at the end of the Kramarae article: (ie, critique, creation, enactment). Also, these should be public vs. your own personal experience.
Then, use these questions for thought (you don’t have to answer them directly).
In what ways is/are these women challenging the WHIMM? Speaking to colonization? Using the tools of the White Supremist Capitalist Patriarchy? Critiquing current ideas of womanhood or women’s voices? Be specific.
Secondly, Kramarae imagines a women’s world.
Find an example of what a woman’s world looks like. IF you can’t, you may create one. How is this different from the beer groups? How does this a group, community, collective manifest the vision Kramarae drew? What strategies are used, both rhetorically and practically, to create this vision? When Kramarae mentions the answers to the WHIMM – how is this group achieving one of her solutions?

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